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«MBA in Moscow and Russia» - the informational and directory portal of the business education in Russia. It is the independent project of the Russian MBA`s League, which was started in October 2004. We are interested in distribution of objective and correct information of the business education in Russia.

MBA and EMBA`s programs graduates consider that it could involve Russian managers in an orbit of a business education, help them to improve essentially work of the Russian companies and to increase competitiveness of Russian economy.

The headings "Researches" and "Publication" will acquaint you with the last interesting researches of the MBA market, articles about business schools and employment of graduates of MBA. In the section "FAQ" it is possible to receive the consultation about education in the different business schools, the MBA and EMBA program.

The site is an authoritative place on the Internet where his visitors always receive the qualified and independent answer concerning a choice of business school, MBA or EMBA programms.

«MBA in Moscow and Russia» is the complier of the annual Narodny Ranking of  Russian Business Schools, based on alumnies opinioins. Information support the ranking have newspapers "RBC", "Izvestia", "Kommersant", "Kompaniya" magazine.


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